History of Photography

History of Photography: Did you know that instead of saying "cheese" photographers used to prompt their subjects to say "prunes"?  This was to make sure that the teeth were covered. In the beginning of photographs, a camera was not seen as a tool for art but instead a technical tool to capture.  For people, it … Continue reading History of Photography


Assignment #3 – Exposure Compensation

Assignment #3 due September 30. Exposure compensation is a way to change the way that light is read through the internal camera meter.  It's an easy fix for a dark subject with a bright background or any light source that may not be the focus of the photograph. The assignment is to take a photograph … Continue reading Assignment #3 – Exposure Compensation

Assignment #2 – Rules of Composition

Assignment #2 due September 23. Composing a photograph is about controlling the viewers eye.  A photographer decides what is important in a picture and uses tools to make it the focus.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Using the handouts and examples covered in class, your assignment is to take  photographs using … Continue reading Assignment #2 – Rules of Composition


Assignment #1 – Photos You Like

Assignment #1 due September 16. The first assignment is recognizing what makes a photograph extraordinary.  Each student is to find a photograph online that catches their eye and we will discuss why these photographs are visually appealing using rules of composition. Below are examples of visually pleasing photographs.