Tips For Cold Weather Photography

With the weather turning colder, here are some tips to shooting outside, keeping your camera dry  and exposing for snow.  Click on the pictures for more detailed notes.


Assignment #6 – Creating Forced Perspective

Assignment due October 27. Forced perspective is a photographic optical illusion that takes advantage of depth perception and camera placement to make two or more objects look different than they would in reality. Forced perspective in photography is made possible by the single lens of the camera. Unlike your eyes, which work in tandem to create … Continue reading Assignment #6 – Creating Forced Perspective

Assignment #5 – Alternate Perspectives

Assignment #5 due October 20. Using photography, how does one make the ordinary, extraordinary?  One way is to change the angle from which the subject is shot. Show the  viewer a different side of something they are used to seeing in a certain way.  We will go over examples of photographs shot at different angles … Continue reading Assignment #5 – Alternate Perspectives


Assignment #4 – Photography Scavenger Hunt

Assignment #4 due October 13. This is an in-class assignment.  On October 7, students will get to go outside and take pictures of subjects in various categories, while still utilizing rules of composition. They will select their best photograph from the day and email before class. Worksheet can be printed from here:photo-scavenger-hunt   Categories listed … Continue reading Assignment #4 – Photography Scavenger Hunt