Assignment #4 – Photography Scavenger Hunt

Assignment #4 due October 13.

This is an in-class assignment.  On October 7, students will get to go outside and take pictures of subjects in various categories, while still utilizing rules of composition.

They will select their best photograph from the day and email before class.

Worksheet can be printed from here:photo-scavenger-hunt


Categories listed below:

Find and photograph one thing from each category and mark:
Primary Colors: All colors are made from these three colors
Red * Blue * Yellow
Secondary Colors: Colors made from Primary colors and found in the rainbow
Orange * Green* Purple
Other colors not found in the rainbow but found in nature
Brown * Black * Pink
Straight Line * Curved Line * Triangle * Circle * Oval * Rectangle
Smooth*  Rough * Hard * Soft * Dry * Wet
Find one thing from each category, photograph extras if you have time.
Choose your best photo, label the category and email for review next class.



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