Assignment #8 – Shadows

Due November 17.

Every photograph has its shadows and in this lesson we turn our focus to them and make them the main subject. Focusing on shadows can greatly increase drama and intrigue in a photograph. Since the shadow lacks detail, the viewers mind may try to fill the missing information.  In fact, a lot of silent era and noir films relied heavily on dim lighting and deep shadows to create tension and mood.

Try focusing on a figure with a monotone or plain background. Look for something like an expanse of grass, wall, sidewalk, or anything without a distracting pattern or is too dark. Your shadow is already  gray or black and you will need to contrast with it so that the figure will show up clearly.

Do not confuse this with back lighting, which is when a light is behind your subject to create a silhouette.

Your assignment is to take photographs of shadows .  Try interesting shapes or forms.  If photographing a person, have them pose some way other than just standing.  See what works best!   Email  (from your school account) your best photograph with your name, date and assignment information in the subject line.




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