Assignment#10 – Lens Flare

Due December 8th.

Back lighting is when the main light source is behind the subject being photographed. Last week we used this to create silhouettes: featureless subjects added to a background.  This week, we will use back lighting to create lens flare on purpose.

While shooting a silhouette, we exposed on the light behind the subject or used exposure compensation.  Silhouettes work by reading the light behind the subject but this week we are going to focus and expose on our subject with the light still behind them.  That means making sure that features are not lost in the light, work on focus and exposure!  

So what is lens flare exactly?  Well, ever see, anything by JJ Abrams??

Image result for lens flare jj abrams

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Lens flare happens when stray light reflects off  internal elements of your lens. This stray light can create halos, streaks, starburst, circles, or changes in contrast and saturation while lending intensity to a photograph.  These can be unpredictable so take lots of pictures while moving either your subject, your angle, or the position of the light source.  Even little changes can affect the strength and color of the lens flare.  If you have a lens hood, it must be removed as it will block light.

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Your assignment is to take photographs using back lighting to create lens flare(but not with a silhouette). Email, from your school account if possible, with your best photograph.  Include your name, date and assignment information.  Late assignments lose 10% each day after the due date.