Assignment#12 – Photojournalism (Visual Story Telling)

Due January 5th.

Photojournalism is the most common type of photography seen daily.  It is a combination of photography and reporting involving candids and documents events (big and small) that impact lives.  It is featured in news, magazines, and on social media sites.

While one photograph can answer the questions: Who, What, Where, When and Why.

But a sequence of photos can give a much richer and fuller idea of what is going on.

Your assignment is to document something over the winter break with AT LEAST FIVE photographs.  It could be the preparing for Christmas Day, the process of cooking a meal, or celebrating with family and friends.

Students must turn in at least five photos that document their time off. They need to include: an introductory photo to set the scene, three photos that show the story, and a photo to conclude the story.

Email, from your school account if possible, with your best photographs.  Include your name, date and assignment information.  Late assignments lose 10% each day after the due date.


What kind of stories do the following photos tell?




Image result for spiderman cartoon camera