Flattering Portraits

Since last week we looked over how different focal lengths can change the look of a subject, this week we will look over various ways to create more flattering portraits. Check the angles: Avoid hands making "claws": Check the shadows: Break up straight lines on the body (remember in the composition lesson when we discuss … Continue reading Flattering Portraits


Assignment #14 -Focal Length

Due January 19th. What is focal length?   The focal length of your lens essentially determines how ‘zoomed in’ your photos are; the higher the number, the more zoomed your lens will be. (source) It is often misunderstood that the focal length is measured from the front or rear of the lens when, in reality, … Continue reading Assignment #14 -Focal Length

Assignment #13 – Intro to Editing

Due January 12. Why edit photos? Our eyes and brains work together to give us superior scenes but there are limitations capturing this with a camera. A photographer can optimize exposure by knowing how a camera performs under different lighting scenarios but editing can help with some those problems. Our eyes: Have vastly more contrast … Continue reading Assignment #13 – Intro to Editing


Photographing Snow

Yesterday was the first day of snow for 2017.  Snow is a great subject and background for photographs but can be tricky to capture.  This is a good time to cover tips and ideas for taking the best pictures. You need to OVEREXPOSE for snow. All the white snow will be read as light by … Continue reading Photographing Snow