Assignment #22 – Pastels




Due April 21st.  This continues the lessons using Color as a story telling device.   You will have to turn in THREE photographs that tell a story (see lesson on photojournalism) while using a pastel color palette.

There must be a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Attempt to find or create a scene. (ex. dying Easter eggs,  family preparing for church service, setting a table for dinner, etc.)

Try exposure compensation to make the picture slightly lighter.

Be sure to use white balance! A bad lighting situation can really change the colors in a photograph.

Pastels must be used with NO bright colors.  Neutrals are okay.  (brown, tan, white, gray)

Pastels are described as soothing, soft, milky, washed out, destaurated and lacking strong chromatic content.  (The opposite of last week’s lesson.) Think colors mixed with white.

There are lots of different pastels: soft pastels that are mostly white, sherbet colors, and muted pastels.  And it can be used because of subconscious  associations:  small children, spring/summer, pools, fairy tales, tropical or beach settings.

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beach huts

pastel buttonspoolpretty 2



agave plant

Ben Thomas--thehiddencactuschalk


north korea interiorsnorth korean interiors pastels

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pastel oceanpastel sunport-melbourne-weddings-34

Pastels in movies/tv:

anderson color palette


2 movie pastelanderson color palette2anderson grand budapest hotelandersoon moonrise kingdombig fishburton big fishburton pasteledward scissorhandsher pastelsmarie antoinettemiami-vice5movie pastel

cat in the hatlalaland