Assignment #25 : My Mother, Myself

Due May 18th

You must take two different photographs of your mother.  Neither one should be posed and at least one should be symbolic of the relationship you have with your mother.

A lot of the lessons have covered various ways to tell a story with photographs.

This is a personal assignment that will need to tell a story with no words.

Is there a room in the house you associate with your mother?  An article of clothing?  An action she does for her family?

This assignment is to highlight the “imperfect” moments that can come from family or a strong memory that is attached to a mother.  If you do not have access to photographing your mother, a mother figure (like a grandparent or older sibling) can take the place or some type of symbolic items or actions. (for example, letters, jewelry, articles of clothing)Be creative!

Try incorporating different angles or color palettes to get your story across without words.

These will not be shared with the class because of the highly personal nature of the assignment.


Two photographs (not posed) of mother, mother figure

or symbolic items, gestures or actions

Must be able to tell a story without words (think of your audience)

Utilize previous lessons to make the biggest impact with photos

Due May 18th.

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Welcome Home Balloons in my Mother's Bedroom.

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