Assignment #15 – Shutter Speed & ISO

Due February 17th.  This lesson covers a few manual settings involving  the exposure triangle. You will have to turn in FOUR photographs.   Two will be drastically different shutter speed settings.  Two will be drastically different ISO settings.  (examples below) Email all four photographs with your name, date and assignment information from your school email.  … Continue reading Assignment #15 – Shutter Speed & ISO

Assignment#12 – Photojournalism (Visual Story Telling)

Due January 5th. Photojournalism is the most common type of photography seen daily.  It is a combination of photography and reporting involving candids and documents events (big and small) that impact lives.  It is featured in news, magazines, and on social media sites. While one photograph can answer the questions: Who, What, Where, When and … Continue reading Assignment#12 – Photojournalism (Visual Story Telling)